Industrial Research Opportunity - Toxicological Studies of Bio-Based Fire Fighting Gel

The Catalyst Centre recently received and enquiry from an Ontario based start-up that has developed a bio-based gel additive for firefighting applications. The gel product has been shown to be highly effective, allowing fires to be tackled faster while using significantly less water than conventional methods.

The product is 100% bio-based and formulated from materials commonly found in food. Nonetheless, the company is interested working with the University to determine what effects (if any) the product may have on aquatic, mammalian, and plant life. To this end, they would like partner with researchers at Guelph, through NSERC or OCE programs, to undertake toxicological studies on the product and other materials commonly used in firefighting.

If you would like to connect with the company please contact Gregor Lawson (, Ext. 53351)

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