Industrial Research Opportunity: Treatment of liquid waste from construction industry

The Research Innovation Office was recently approached by an Ontario-based company that develops and markets solutions for the solidification of liquid waste streams  generated through directional drilling, microtunneling, oil and gas drilling, hydro-excavation, environmental and waste management processes. The company's non-hazardous polymer products absorb liquid very quickly. The resultant solid material is more stackable, transported in dump trucks or roll-offs, eliminates the liability of transporting liquids and costs less than conventional methods.

The company is interested in connecting with University of Guelph researchers to investigate:

  1. approaches to enhance compressive strength of waste steams following addition of cementous binder formulations;
  2. approaches to minimize the detrimental impact of salt on the performance of the companies products.

If you would like to learn more about this opportunity, please contact Gregor Lawson, Industry Liaison Manager, Research Innovation Office at


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