Institutional Partnership Initiative

We are thrilled to announce an interdisciplinary research partnership initiative between the College of Arts (COA), College of Biological Sciences (CBS), College of Engineering and Physical Sciences (CEPS), College Social and Applied Human Sciences (CSAHS), Gordon S. LANG School of Business and Economics (LANG), Ontario Agriculture College (OAC), and Ontario Veterinary College (OVC). The initiative will leverage diverse expertise within our research communities for mutual benefits and impactful research outcomes.

The primary focus of the partnership is to facilitate the development of collaborations between individual faculty members or emerging teams, to support the development of highly impactful research proposals within the Tri-agency portfolio.

  • COA and CSAHS researchers can share their expertise in understanding human behaviour, social structures and cultural dynamics, as well as their skills in qualitative research methods, survey design and knowledge mobilization to support research initiatives led by CEPS faculty.
  • Researchers in CBS possess diverse expertise spanning health and natural sciences, including molecular biology, physiology, microbiology, 'omics, bioinformatics and global change biology. Their expertise across biological systems can support collaborative research initiatives at the intersection of biology, technology and society. 
  • Researchers in CEPS bring valuable expertise in areas such as model development, data science, visualization and analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence and bioinformatics, which can significantly support the research initiatives led by COA, CSAHS, OAC, CBS, OVC and LANG faculty. 
  • Researchers in LANG bring expertise in areas such as entrepreneurship, innovation, project management, sustainability, organizational leadership, consumer behaviour, economics and finance, sport management and accounting as well as industry-focused research in real estate, and hospitality and tourism management.
  • OAC is a multidisciplinary college with research expertise in the areas of agriculture, food, the environment and rural communities, addressed by both natural and social science approaches, and reaching into topics of interest in the other colleges.
  • Researchers in OVC contribute to the health and well-being of humans and animals and have expertise that spans all three of the Tri-Agencies, including areas of focus in veterinary science, clinical trials, infectious disease, human and animal health, neuroscience, epidemiology and public health.

Multidisciplinary research benefits from the ability of natural, health and social sciences to bridge different academic disciplines and provide a holistic perspective that incorporates physical, biological, social, cultural and psychological dimensions. Arguably, such an approach is essential for addressing multifaceted challenges and generating impactful research outcomes.

If you are interested in participating as a partner and/or collaborator or are seeking partners and/or collaborators, we encourage you to indicate your interest through the following  form:

Institutional Partnership Initiative Expression of Interest Form

We will use the information provided to populate our Institutional Partnership landing page for researchers in COA, CBS, CEPS, CSAHS, LANG, OAC and OVC who are interested in multidisciplinary collaborations. Additionally, we will utilize the responses to facilitate collaborations and will reach out to individuals via email. This initiative marks the start of promising, long-term collaborations between our colleges, and we eagerly anticipate the research advancements that it will generate.

For any inquiries or further details regarding this initiative, please reach out to your College Research Manager:

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