Intellectual Property Ontario (IPON)'s Intellectual Property (IP) Bootcamp and Partner Program


Intellectual Property Ontario (IPON)


IPON is a provincial agency that provides trusted IP support and services to enable Ontario businesses and researchers to innovate and grow. IPON works directly with clients and post-secondary institutions to better understand how to protect and maximize the value of their IP, strengthen their capacity to grow, compete in the market and advance the province’s economic growth. IPON has announced the launch and application opening for its expanded IP programs as part of the agency’s scale-up initiatives beginning on October 23, 2023. From a customized, hands-on program where technical experts help every step of the way to a self-paced program, clients have the option to apply to programs that work for their business and resource capacity, while IPON is now able to accept more clients across the province. Whether you want a customized IP program tailored to your business needs, supplementary services to on-going ones you already have or prefer self-guided resources, IPON has an IP program for you.

Three new programs 

IP Bootcamp: This three-month program offers the full suite of IPON services and is designed for IP owners who want a tailored, intensive and time-limited support plus immediate access to funding. 

Partner Program: Available to IP owners who are affiliated with an Ontario Regional Innovation Centre or one of IPON’s key partner organizations. This six-month program also offers immediate funding and is designed to be collaborative by supplementing existing support programs available in the ecosystem. 

Self-guided: Designed for IP owners who want self-guided access to IP education, on-demand resources and the ability to apply for funding calls. This program will be available in the near future.

IP Bootcamp
Intensity: High 
Designed for IP owners who need immediate access to IP funding and are eager to engage with IP experts and valuable IP resources.  

Client commitment:  


  • Immediate funding up to $35,000
  • Additional funding calls up to $100,000 
  • 1:1 account manager 
  • IP Foundations course and workshop 
  • Advanced IP education*
  • IP benchmarking 
  • Tiger team*
  • Networking events 
  • IP intelligence 
  • IP mentorship  

Partner Program
Intensity: Medium 
Available to IP owners who are affiliated with an IPON partner organization such as an Ontario Regional Innovation Centre, OCI, Vector, and need additional IP support to complement their existing services.  

Client commitment:


  • Immediate funding up to $35,000 
  • Additional funding calls up to $100,000 
  • IP Foundations course and workshop 
  • Advanced IP education*
  • IP benchmarking 
  • Tiger team*
  • Networking events 
  • IP intelligence (if needed) 
  • IP mentorship (if needed) 

 * Advanced IP Education and Tiger Team are coming soon.


  • Are an Ontario-based small-and-medium size enterprise with fewer than 500 employees
  • Are in one of the following sectors: MedTech, life sciences, artificial intelligence, vehicle technology, and mining and advanced manufacturing as related to the aforementioned sectors
  • Operates in Ontario and intends to grow the business in Ontario long-term 
  • Owns IP or IP rights and intends to commercialize or monetize in Canada 
  • Demonstrates the potential to realize societal or economic benefit to Ontario 
  • Demonstrates the financial capacity to advance the protection and commercialization of IP and IP rights that may be supported by IPON Client Services  
  • Have an Immediate IP need suited for IPON services and IP funding 
  • Are affiliated with a Regional Innovation Centre (RIC) or IPON key partner in Ontario if applying to the Partner Program 


If College-level review is required, your College will communicate its earlier internal deadlines.

Internal Deadline

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis and IPON will be in contact with all applicants. 

If your application is successful, please ensure you submit a copy of the full application and OR-5 to 1 week prior to the external deadline.

How to Apply

IP Bootcamp: Apply Now

Partner Program: Apply via Partner Organization

For Questions, please contact

If you have any further questions email IPON at

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