International Science Council (ISC): Call for Expression of Interest in Global Science-policy Work


International Science Council (ISC)


The International Science Council (ISC) is seeking experts for global science-policy work. The deadline to apply is February 29, 2024.

The International Science Council (ISC)  is a non-governmental organization with a global membership that brings together more than 245 international scientific unions and associations, national and regional scientific organizations including academies and research councils, international federations and societies, and young academies and associations.

The ISC frequently receives last minute requests for input and advice from the United Nations and others. For example, it convenes international expertise on priority topics of the 2024 multilateral agenda including through the Group of Friends on Science for Action, the President of the UN General Assembly, the UN Secretariat and the UN Science and Technology Major Group.

The ISC secretariat has identified 20 priority topics on which the ISC will be called upon to provide authoritative inputs in 2024 (including foresight, science diplomacy, global digital cooperation, peace and security and more), which will be critical for the success of events such as the Summit of the Future, the High-Level Political Forum, and the International Conference on Small Island Developing States. It is therefore creating a roster of experts willing to contribute their expertise to global challenges. This form allows interested experts to self-nominate. 


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