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Joint SSHRC–Mitacs Accelerate


SSHRC (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council) and Mitacs are pleased to announce the renewal of their collaboration, including a new joint application and review process to the Mitacs Accelerate Joint Initiative.

Starting in March 2023, researchers applying to SSHRC’s Partnership Engage Grants (PEG), Partnership Development Grants (PDG), Partnership Grants – Stage 2 (PG-S2), and Insight Grants may simultaneously apply for Mitacs Accelerate internships through a new joint application and review process.

Applicants working with for-profit corporations, eligible not-for-profit corporations, municipalities and hospitals in Canada that have training of students and/or postdoctoral researchers as a component of their SSHRC application are invited to apply for internship co-funding through the Mitacs Accelerate program at the same time they apply to SSHRC. The partner organization’s financial contribution to the Mitacs internship(s) can be counted as a cash contribution in the SSHRC application.

Interested applicants must submit a completed Mitacs Accelerate joint application form to Emily Gordon ( at least two weeks prior to the SSHRC program external deadline. To access the Mitacs Accelerate joint application form, please contact Emily Gordon (

For more information and guidance, including eligibility criteria, external deadlines, and program information, visit the relevant programs linked below:


Applicants must be affiliated with a SSHRC eligible institution at the time of application and have a full-time, independent, academic appointment.

Applicants must have at least one Mitacs eligible partner organization (eligible for-profit corporations in Canada, eligible not-for-profit corporations in Canada, municipalities and hospitals).

Partner organizations must commit to funding the partner contribution toward the Mitacs Accelerate project and be willing to provide mentorship/on site work experience for the interns for a minimum of 25% of the time for the duration of the project. In SSHRC’s partnership-type funding opportunities (PG-S2, PDG, and PEG), the organization that will host the Mitacs Accelerate internship should be involved in the application as a partner organization. For Insight Grants, the organization that will host the Mitacs Accelerate internship should be involved in the application in some way, either as a supporting organization (listed in the "Funds from Other Sources" section of the SSHRC application), through one of its employees participating as a collaborator, or both.

Maximum Project Value

In a SSHRC–Mitacs application, the Mitacs Accelerate award cannot exceed the value of the overall SSHRC grant for the corresponding project.

Cash contribution from partner organization is required and must align with Mitacs Accelerate standalone funding model, whereby interns are provided with a stipend/salary starting at $10,000 per four-month period. Typically, internships are approved for $15,000, including a minimum $10,000 stipend and maximum $5,000 in research costs with $7,500 coming from the industry partner matched with $7,500 from Mitacs, every four-month period.

Indirect Costs


Project Duration

In a SSHRC–Mitacs application, the duration of the Mitacs Accelerate project cannot exceed the duration of the SSHRC grant for the corresponding project.

Mitacs Accelerate projects start at four months in length. Master's students can complete up to four internship units. PhD students can complete up to eight internship units. Postdoctoral fellows can complete up to nine internship units. An "internship unit" is designated as four months.


If College-level review is required, your College will communicate its earlier internal deadlines.

Internal Deadline

OR-5 and full application (including the Mitacs Accelerate joint proposal) must be submitted to the Research Services Office ( a minimum of two (2) weeks prior to the intended submission date to SSHRC.

Please ensure you contact Emily Gordon ( to obtain a copy of the joint Mitacs application prior to submitting to the Research Services Office. 

External Deadline

The Research Services Office will submit the full application on behalf of the applicant to SSHRC through their online system. 

The Applicant is responsible for submitting the supplemental forms to Mitacs (excel budget file and intern(s) CV's, if known). 

How to Apply

Mitacs Accelerate applications are submitted in parallel to the SSHRC application.

Under the new streamlined process, the SSHRC applicant is presented with the option to submit an Accelerate application alongside the SSHRC application. To include Mitacs Accelerate internships in the application, the SSHRC applicant must:

  1. Select “Mitacs Accelerate” from the “Joint or special initiative” drop-down box on the SSHRC portal, in the Identification section of their application
  2. To access the Mitacs Accelerate joint application form, applicants must contact Emily Gordon (
  3. Applicants will select the SSHRC program they are applying to in the Mitacs application
  4. Applicants then submit their SSHRC application to SSHRC through the portal
  5. Applicants submit the Mitacs Accelerate joint application and relevant documentation to Mitacs through Emily Gordon ( at least two weeks prior to the SSHRC program deadline.
For Questions, please contact

Adam Yake, Program Officer, Research Partnerships Portfolio, SSHRC

For Mitacs related inquiries, please contact Emily Gordon (

Office of Research

Vanessa Knox, Awards and Agreements Officer
Research Services Office
519-824-4120 x53429

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