Launch of new Achievement Reports for Partnership Grants and Partnership Development Grants




Partnership Grants and Partnership Development Grants

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For more information, please visit SSHRC's webpage dedicated to Achievement Reports.


The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) launched new end-of-grant reporting for Insight Development Grants and Connection Grants in June 2016. SSHRC has now launched the following end of grant reports for Partnership Grants and Partnership Development Grants:

  • Partnership Achievement Report (mandatory): this report replaces the previous Final Research Report template. This report must be submitted within six months of the end of the grant period.
  • Partner Report (optional): this is a new report where each partner is given the opportunity to report to SSHRC on their involvement in the project and its benefits to them. The information provided is submitted directly to SSHRC and will not be shared with the Project Director or the other partners involved in the project.Please note if the Partner Report is not received, it will not affect the grant holder’s eligibility at SSHRC.

These new reports improve SSHRC’s capacity to collect and measure the outcomes and impacts of the activities it funds, while also reducing grant recipients’ administrative burden by putting in place more concise and user-friendly reports, available on a secure web platform. SSHRC will also send a notice to grant holders in advance of their reporting due date, reminding them to complete the new reports.

If a grant holder has already submitted their Final Research Report using the old template, they do not need to submit an Achievement Report.

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