MaRS Hosts The Faurecia Biosensing Safety Challenge


Faurecia is a global ($20B) technology company that designs and manufactures interior systems, seating systems, electronics, and clean mobility solutions for vehicles. One-third of all vehicles produced globally contain Faurecia’s technology. 


The Faurecia Biosensing Safety Challenge


MaRS is hosting an innovation competition that could be the perfect opportunity to showcase and reward your research with $25,000 USD, and the opportunity to collaborate with a $20B tech company. The Faurecia Biosensing Safety Challenge is seeking hardware, software, and other technologies which can detect at least one sign, symptom or biomarker related to a stroke, heart attack, or diabetic event of a vehicle passenger. See sign and symptom examples here.

The solutions best suited for this challenge can originate from many different industries not just health! Think of voice recognition software to identify slurred speech, a sensor which can detect shortness of breath or excessive perspiration, or a technology which can monitor significant vision changes or dizziness.

To provide more information on this opportunity, MaRS be hosting a webinar on February 19 at 2:00 p.m. EST to provide interested participants with the opportunity to ask live questions, and learn tips for a successful application.

The competitions top three finalists will pitch at Toronto’s Health Innovation Week and one winner will receive $25,000 USD and the opportunity to collaborate on future projects with Faurecia, a global tech company.


To be eligible to enter the Competition, the Applicant hereby certifies that: 
1) their proposed technology, invention or process is a lawful, original and novel innovation; 
2) the technology, invention or process is their own work and they have the sole right to submit the innovation to the Competition; 
3) they are a legal resident of the United States of America or Canada (excluding the residents of Quebec) and are above the legal age of majority in their legal place of residence OR they are a company which was incorporated in the United States of America or Canada, and the person who agrees to these terms on their behalf has the legal authority to do so;
4) they accept and will adhere to these Competition Terms; 
5) they are not currently employed by Faurecia or a Faurecia subcontractor or supplier or MaRS (or a MaRS related entity) (MaRS and its related entities, collectively, the “MaRS Entities”) or any immediate families (i.e. their spouses, siblings, children, spouses’ parents and the spouses of those individuals) or household members (related or not) of Faurecia, a Faurecia subcontractor or supplier, or any MaRS Entity, and anyone otherwise connected with the Competition; and 
6) if chosen as the winner of the Competition, they have the legal right to grant all required licenses to Faurecia with respect to the innovation.

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