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The purpose of the HSRF Targeted Calls is to solicit and fund focused research applications within MOHLTC priority areas. The new Call will focus on Patient-Oriented Research in Mental Health and Addictions.

For each of the priority areas, key knowledge gaps related to current/anticipated policy development and program development were identified as targeted research areas of interest for policy makers and knowledge users through a consultative process. Please refer to the HSRF Targeted Calls Detailed Full Application Instructions for definitions of targeted research priority areas and areas of focus.

Applicants will be assessed on the extent to which sex and gender have been considered in their proposed research (i.e., rationale, methods and knowledge translation and exchange (KTE) plan). Additionally, applicants will be assessed on the extent to which patients have been meaningfully engaged in the proposed research. Five additional cross-cutting components have also been identified for HSRF awards. Applicants are encouraged to incorporate any/all of these components into their projects where applicable and/or feasible. These cross-cutting components are:

  • Equity
  • Indigenous Health
  • Patient-Centred Care
  • Implementation Science
  • Modernizing Patient-Centred Care through Digital Health

Please refer to the HSRF Guidelines for definitions and selected examples of government initiatives and commitments related to each cross-cutting component.

Grants funded through this competition should demonstrate strong partnership with people with lived experience throughout the entirety of research project: from project conception and writing of the grant application through governance, implementation, data analysis and interpretation, and knowledge translation and exchange.

Grant applications will be reviewed not only by scientific peer-reviewers, but also by people with lived experience and sector experts.


Applications to MOHLTC for the HSRF Targeted Calls must meet the following criteria:

  • The funds provided by MOHLTC are used in Ontario
  • The Project Lead is an Ontario-based researcher
  • The Project Lead or Co-Lead is affiliated with an eligible sponsoring institution who will administer the funds, including indirect costs
  • The project focuses on health services/system or population health. MOHLTC will not fund clinical or biomedical research, drug efficacy research or high performance computing platforms
  • The project clearly addresses one of the research priorities
  • The project clearly describes how it meaningfully and actively engages patients
  • The project includes examination of sex and gender issues

Funding Availability

The annual budget (including Applied Health Research Question (AHRQ) and indirect cost support) must not exceed $125,000 in half years and $250,000 in full years, and must be at least $50,000 in half years and $100,000 in full years.

Indirect Costs

Eligible indirect costs of up to 20% of the direct costs (including AHRQ for research programs/projects) will be supported.

Project Duration

Over 3 Fiscal Years (October 1, 2018 to September 30, 2020)


If College-level review is required, your College will communicate its earlier internal deadlines.

External Deadline

Notice of Intent: Mandatory NOI must be submitted by PI using the MOHLTC's online grant application system

More information about this competition and the Notice of Intent, please see the Ministry Research Funding Opportunities.

Internal Deadline

Application: PI to submit a copy of the application along with a complete O5 form to:


External Deadline

Application: PI to submit directly to sponsor.  Make sure you have a Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) IGAM account or click on the link to register. IGAM is the ministry's online grant application system.

Applicants will have access to the online Full Application form through the MOHLTC's online grant application system. Applicants will be able to save and review their Full Application before submitting.

For instructions on how to complete the Full Application, please refer to the Detailed Full Application Instructions .

For Questions, please contact

For more information or if you are experiencing technical difficulties, you may contact the Research Planning and Management Unit, Monday to Friday between the hours of 9:00a.m. to 5:00p.m:

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Ornella McCarron, Grants Officer
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