NSERC increases character limit for DG, RTI and SAP applications




  1. Discovery Grants Program
  2. Research Tools and Instruments Grants Program
  3. Subatomic Physics Discovery Grant 


The character count of specific text boxes for the Discovery Grant, Research Tools and Instruments, and Subatomic Physics Discovery Grant applications in the Research Portal will be increased as it now counts spaces and carriage returns.
The Research Portal will be down for a few hours this week, either Thursday, September 13th or Friday, September 14th, while the change is implemented.
The update should not interfere with applications already in-progress; however as a precautionary measure, NSERC is encouraging applicants to save a pdf copy of their application prior to September 13th by clicking on the “Export application and attachments to PDF” button.
Previous Character Limit New Character Limit 
2,500 3,000
5,000 6,000
7,500 9,000
10,000 12,000


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