OCE Research Bulletin: March 2018


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Update:  As of March 23, 2018 changes have been made to the standard OCE funding agreement.  These changes have been made to more accurately reflect OCE's requirements and address several concerns and clarifications requested by industry partners and institutions.  

The updates are as follows:

  • Clause 9c (Reviews and Reporting): updated to add clarity regarding the type of entity and frequency for which OCE must be informed of financing. Specifically, only clients (companies) with under 100 employees are required to notify OCE during the project term, for financing outside of its ordinary course of business which a reasonable person would view as having an adverse impact on the project.
  • Clause 10 (Indemnity): updated to specify that indemnification of OCE only is required by all participants; other participants should consider indemnity towards each other separately outside of OCE's funding agreement.
  • Clause 11 (Limitation of Liability): updated to remove all references to Research Partners, so as to preclude OCE only from representation, warranties and responsibilities.
  • Clause 13b (Compliance with Laws): updated to cite a more extended list of Acts for compliance by participants.
  • Schedule D (Intellectual Property Terms): clarified to indicate that projects follow the IP terms of the university/college except where IP terms are covered by separate agreements between the participants, with instructions to provide draft/final copies of the negotiated intellectual property terms to a maximum of two pages.

A copy of the updated funding agreement may be viewed on the OCE website for the program of interest. 

University of Guelph webpage for OCE programs.

Update: Launch of OCE Knowledge Base

OCE has launched a knowledge base tool, which provides a self-serve option for applicants to access articles on commonly asked questions, covering all stages from application preparation to project close out.  the Knowledge Base can be accessed through several ways:  Via the OCE Help Centre on the main Access OCE login page. (this will access the complete library of articles). If the applicant is unable to find the answer to their question, they may use the "Contact Us" button to access OCE directly for support.  OCE will be expanding the list of available articles significantly over the next few months to provide increased assistance to applicants.

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