Ontario Agri-Food Innovation Alliance: 2019 Gryphon's LAAIR Funding Program – Open for Applications

Updated Information

Please note the maximum available funding amount has changed from $400,000 to $350,000.

The date when funds will be available has changed from before May 1, 2019 to after May 1, 2019.

Attached program guides have been updated to reflect these changes.


Ontario Agri-Food Innovation Alliance


2019 Gryphon's LAAIR Funding Program

For More Information

For more detailed information please see the attached Program Guides or visit the Ontario Agri-food Innovation Alliance Gryphon's LAAIR page.


The Gryphon's LAAIR Funding Program provides financial support to University of Guelph researchers attempting to commercialize new technologies that will enrich Ontario's agri-food sector. Grants will be used to turn new technologies into innovations through disciplined, evidence-based market research, prototype development, product feature optimization, market analysis, business model design, value proposition enhancement, new venture creation, and customer discovery.

These grants provide targeted financial support to help researchers:

  1. Validate and confirm the market opportunity for a new technology by performing primary and secondary market research (Market Validation Grants).
  2. Develop and optimize a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) based on a new technology and remove any existing barriers that are preventing industry from adopting and commercializing such technology (Product Development Grants).


Applicants (Project Leaders) must be UofG faculty or an eligible Adjunct (Adjunct Eligibility Criteria) and eligible to hold Tri-council grants.

Project Leaders must be able to demonstrate an appropriate level of expertise related to the developmental needs of the new technology. 

Funding Availability

A total of $350,000 will be allocated to successful proposals using two types of grants. 

Funds will be available to start projects after May 1, 2019.

Maximum Project Value

Market Validation Grants: no more than $20,000 each.

P​roduct Development Grants: no more than $100,000 each.

Indirect Costs

Indirect costs (overhead) are zero (0%), therefore all funding will be allocated to the operational budget outlined in your grant proposal.

Project Duration

Market Validation Grants: preferentially less than one year but may be extended with justification.

Product Development Grants: maximum of three years duration.

Special Notes

Successfully funded and completed Market Validation Projects will have an increased probability of securing a Product Development Grant in the following year.  


External Deadline

How to Apply

On-Line Application Process

Applications must be submitted on-line using the OMAFRA Research Management System (RMS).

A login and password are required. If you do not have an RMS account, please contact an IT advisor at rmsanalyst@uoguelph.ca to obtain access to RMS.

Pre-submission Consultation

All applicants are strongly encouraged to contact staff at the the Research Innovation Office (RIO) before applying to discuss the suitability of a potential proposal.

RIO Staff includes: David Hobson, Martin Ciuk, Rattan Gill,Gregor Lawson, Vanja Djukic, Dana McCauley or Steve De Brabandere.

Selection Criteria

Please review the Program Guides (attached) to understand the selection criteria used to evaluate your proposal. 


For Questions, please contact

To discuss the funding program, criteria, or project fit:   

David Hobson 
Gryphon’s LAAIR Program Coordinator
Research Innovation Office 
Building 92 - Christie Lane, University of Guelph
519-824-4120 x58859 (office)

To discuss computer and on-line access issues:

Richard Schwarting
Technical Support for RMS computer system
OMAFRA-UofG Research Support
University of Guelph

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