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How do applicants request changes to project end dates or budgets? 

For project extensions or budget changes, a Project Change Request must be submitted by the applicant, using the Project Administration tab in their Access OCE project file.  Requests for extensions to project end dates must be submitted prior to the originally scheduled end date. A maximum three month extension may be requested. For projects over 12 months duration, a maximum six month extension may be requested.  Requests for changes to the OCE project budget (i.e. re-allocation of funds between different expense categories) must be submitted only if the total variance exceeds $5,000.  For changes below $5,000 the variance should be noted in the final project report, but no Project Change Request is required.  For any questions regarding changes to project end end dates or budgets, please contact project-administration@oce.zendesk.com.

March 23 Access OCE Release

On March 23, 2017 OCE will be making a number of AccessOCE changes to improve operational efficiency, reduce the time between application submission and decision, and support the selection of high quality applications for funding. 
* New notifications have been implemented as applications proceed through application Submission, Internal Review, External Review, etc., to improve clarity for applicants on the status of their application. 
* For programs with OCE Business Development Managers (BDs) assigned to the application, the BD Endorsement step must occur prior to application submission.
** Applicants will need to work with the BD to provide their endorsement in the AccessOCE file prior to the application deadline, so that the application can be submitted.  Without the BD endorsement, the application cannot be submitted. 
** The BD endorsement can happen at any time while an application is in Development Status. 
** When a BD endorses a project, they are endorsing  both the applicant and the application for program eligibility.

The Internal Review Stage, where applications are reviewed by OCE to ensure completeness and financial compliance prior to External Review, will be shortened in duration to reduce the overall time to funding decision. 

Applications will have a limit of one allowable revision (for programs with fixed review dates, e.g. VIP II and Market Readiness), or two allowable revisions (for rolling programs e.g. VIP I and TalentEdge), to correct any deficiencies noted in the Internal Review stage.

A Quality question has been added to the external review assessment criteria and scoring, for reviewers to assess the level of detail, completeness, and the cohesiveness (readability) of the application.

In order to facilitate implementation of the above changes, all applications that are at In Development status and have had no activity by the applicant for three months or more will be automatically archived.  Applicants may contact their BD for assistance in initiating a new application if required.

How to Apply

Upcoming Program Intake Dates:  Note that all proposals should be submitted to the Office of Research email address at resserv@uoguelph.ca two weeks prior to the intended intake date at OCE.

Ontario Social Impact Voucher - has a rolling intake until July 31, 2017.

Talent Edge Internships (including Data Analytics Internships and Fellowships - have rolling intake with bi-monthly decisions.

VIP I - have rolling intake with bi-monthly decisions.

VIP II - have rolling intake with decisions approximately every two months.

Market Readiness - have rolling intake with decisions approximately every two months.

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