RAIMS Project Update for November, 2015

Implementation Planning

Implementation Plan for Human Ethics Module has been finalized and planning commenced for Grants and Contract modules. Change management activities have been integrated into the plan.  Three new potential names for the new system have been identified and being reviewed by the faculty, RSSC and the Steering Group for a final name selection.

Completed eForm requirements for Human Ethics Module

Human Ethics eForm requirements and 80% of design have been completed.  Activity is underway to get the data from HR systems and prepare for testing.

Focus Group for Research Program Managers and ORS Administrators

Focus Groups were held for Research Program Managers and ORS administrators to provide them with an overview of RAIMS and to establish a mechanism for on-going engagement.  The opportunity was used to acquire an appreciation of current systems and processes from the perspective of administrators and to identify their desired changes in the new system.   Their feedback has been used for the purpose of implementation planning.

group shot of focus group attendees

Launch of RAIMS Website

Project website was launched.  This is to be used as a primary vehicle for sharing project updates, news and events and receiving feedback/comments from all the stakeholders.

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