RAIMS Project Update for October, 2015

Implementation Planning

Project scope, resource requirements, governance, communications and training plans have been defined and the Implementation Plan has been drafted.  These are under review and to be finalized in November, 2015.

Commencement of Human Ethics Module

An InfoEd Consultant was on-site in Guelph from October 26, 2015 to October 30, 2015 to provide the Project Team with an overview of the Human Ethics Module as it pertains to UoG’s business needs. This has provided us with a fundamental understanding of the system to plan and prepare for it and equipped InfoEd with required information to commence configuration of the Human Ethics Module.

Focus Group for Administrators

A Focus Group was held for administrators across all colleges on October 21, 2015 to provide them with an overview of RAIMS and to establish a mechanism for on-going engagement.  The opportunity was used to acquire an appreciation of current systems and processes from the perspective of administrators and to identify their desired changes in the new system.   Their feedback has been used for the purpose of implementation planning.

photo of RAIMS administrator's focus group in-progress

RAIMS Kick-Off Event

The RAIMS Kick-Off Event held on October 2, 2015 was attended by RAIMS executive Project Sponsor – VP Research, project team,  a cross section of RAIMS stakeholders, Office of Research staff and our solution and implementation partner, InfoEd Global.  The event program included an overview of the RAIMS system, an overview of the solution provider, InfoEd Global and a glimpse into the project journey.

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