Royal Society of Canada 2018 Medals and Awards Competition


Royal Society of Canada


The Royal Society of Canada has several awards and medals open for competition annually in multiple disciplines.  The 2018 competition sees the following awards open to receive nominations:

Humanities and Social Sciences

  1. Innis-Gerlin Medal
  2. J.B. Tyrell Historical Medal (history of Canada)
  3. Lorne Pierce Medal (critical or imaginative literature)
  4. Ursula Franklin Award in Gender Studies (issues concerning gender) - Diploma
  5. Yvan Allaire Medal (governance) - Medal + $5,000


  1. Bancroft Award (geology) - Diploma
  2. Flavelle Medal (biology)
  3. John L. Synge Award (mathematics) - Diploma
  4. McLaughlin Medal (medical sciences)
  5. Miroslaw Romanowski Medal (environmental problems) - Medal + $3,000
  6. Rutherford Memorial Medal in Chemistry
  7. Rutherford Memorial Medal in Physics
  8. Willet G. Miller Medal


Candidates must be Canadian citizens or have been Permanent Residents for at least three years at the time of nomination.  Candidates cannot apply on their own behalf


Varies by award


If College-level review is required, your College will communicate its earlier internal deadlines.

Internal Deadline

College submission of preliminary nomination information (one page citation, CV) to Laurie Gallinger at for adjudication.

Internal Deadline

Submission of Final College documentation to Laurie Gallinger at and  Package to include:

  1. Detailed Appraisal (1000 to 1200) words
  2. Citation (70 words)
  3. CV (Maximum 20 pages)
  4. Nomination Form
External Deadline

Full Nomination packages due to Royal Society of Canada (submission by Office of Research)

For More Information

Nominations must include all the items listed on the RSC Website with full details located in the RSC Guide and follow the examples provided.  

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