Royal Society of Canada Fellow 2021

Updated Information

Internal deadline changed from June 29, 2020 to July 30, 2020.


The Royal Society of Canada


The Royal Society of Canada (RSC) was created in 1883 by an Act of Parliament as Canada’s National Academy, the senior collegium of Canada’s leading artists, public intellectuals, scholars, scientists, and creative writers.

As Canada's national academy The Royal Society of Canada serves Canada and Canadians by recognizing Canada's leading intellectuals, scholars, researchers and artists and, by mobilizing them in open discussion and debate, advancing knowledge, encouraging integrated interdisciplinary understandings and addressing issues that are critical to Canada and Canadians.

The Royal Society of Canada consists of three bilingual Academies embracing a broad range of scholarly disciplines and artistic fields.

The Academies include:

  • the Academy of the Arts and Humanities,
  • the Academy of Social Sciences, and
  • the Academy of Science.

Today the fellowship comprises four categories: Honorary Fellows, Regularly Elected Fellows, Specially Elected Fellows and Foreign Fellows.

Since 1882, new Fellows have been nominated and elected by their peers who are themselves Fellows of the Society.

Program details and timeline are not yet confirmed. This information will be updated when the program launches.


All nominations must be initiated by RSC Fellows or Institutional Members (IMs).

A nomination requires a letter from the primary nominator, signed by either an RSC Fellow or university president (from the RSC Institutional Members). 

If you have questions about the Fellow nomination process, please contact or the RSC Nominations webpage.


Fellowship in the Royal Society of Canada is lifetime recognition as a leader in research and innovation.

Up to 75 nominees may be elected each year.

Special Notes

This prestigious Fellowship of the Royal Society of Canada has recognized thirty-one members of the University of Guelph faculty as the best in their field.


If College-level review is required, your College will communicate its earlier internal deadlines.

Internal Deadline

If you wish to be considered for VPR nomination, please submit your Expression of Interest (see How to Apply) to

External Deadline

If your nomination will be submitted by a nominator other than the VPR, please submit directly to the sponsor by the external deadline. Please also submit a copy of the full nomination to

How to Apply

The Vice-President (Research) encourages nominations for this prestigious award, and will serve as nominator for those nominees recommended by the Honours and Awards Advisory Committee. If you wish to nominate a colleague or to be considered for VPR nomination, please submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to by the internal deadline. 

An Expression of Interest will include:

  • A draft letter (two-three pages) addressed to the VPR, signed by your ADR,  which outlines how you/your nominee meets the criteria outlined on the RSC website
  • An up-to-date CV for the nominee (and each member of the team, if applicable)

​If your nomination will be submitted by a different nominee, and therefore does not require the Vice-President's endorsement, please submit a complete nomination to by the external deadline.

For more information, contact or the RSC website.

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