Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute 2017-18 Additional Programmes Open (Canada Office)

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Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute (SICI)


Shastri-Canada and Shastri-India 2017-2018 Programmes


SICI-Canada Office Programs are currently accepting applications from the faculty members, researchers, academics and students (doc and post-doc) of SICI’s Canadian and Indian Member Institutions. Please visit the links below for program details, eligibility and necessary application procedures.

  1. Shastri Scholar Travel Subsidy (SSTSG)
  2. Shastri Research Grant (SRG)
  3. Shastri Faculty Training and Internationalization Grant (SFTIG)
  4. Shastri Membership Development Fund (SMDF) (rolling intake)

In addition, the following SICI-India Office programs are also accepting applications:

  1. Faculty Development Program for Vocational Education (FDPVE)
  2. Faculty-in-Residence Program (FIR)/Global Initiative for Academic Networks (GIAN)
  3. Shastri Program Development Grant (SPDG) (DEADLINE: August 31, 2017)


If College-level review is required, your College will communicate its earlier internal deadlines.

Internal Deadline
External Deadline
Internal Deadline
External Deadline
Internal Deadline
External Deadline

How to Apply

Please click on the specific programs above for full application details and deadlines. The complete submission package and signed OR5 form must be submitted to one week before the external deadline.

For Questions, please contact

Office of Research

Carolyn Osborn, Director, Grants & Contracts
Research Services Office
519-824-4120 x52935

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