University of Guelph Research Excellence Awards

Updated Information

In Deadlines section:

  • College to submit single nomination to Laurie Gallinger for processing.
  • In College nomination letter, please include a clearly identifiable section that explains why the nominee warrants the special recognition award of $5000.00.


Research Excellence Awards highlight research achievements of recently tenured faculty members, to raise the profile of individuals who would be considered for future external recognition and promote the recognition of research excellence at the University. Research Excellence Awards should be viewed as a “stepping stone” to future research recognition, as well as a strong sign of support of their current research achievements. Research Excellence Awards.


To be eligible, a faculty member should be within two years of having been awarded tenure. Newly tenured faculty members will be eligible for two nominations -- one on the year they are granted tenure, and, if unsuccessful, another in the year following that. A candidate must:

  • have produced scholarly output that is demonstrably internationally impactful within the nominee’s discipline. This includes published works, as well as other forms of scholarly output, research-related knowledge mobilization, research-derived innovation, and training of highly qualified personnel;
  • be on track to, or has already received, recognition on a national and/or international level;
  • be someone for whom the Research Excellence Award would help promote further external successes.


Each college will receive one Research Excellence Award per year, for a total of seven awarded across the University.  Recipients will:

  • Hold the award for one year
  • Receive $5,000.00 deposited in their general purpose research account.  One recipient will receive special recognition and receive an additional $5,000.00

Special Notes

Conditions of the Award include:

  • Recipients will participate in the annual research recognition event
  • Recipients will provide one public lecture
  • Recipients will participate in a Guelph Talks Research Event


If College-level review is required, your College will communicate its earlier internal deadlines.

Internal Deadline

College deadline to submit single nomination to Laurie Gallinger for processing. The nomination package will include:

  1. Nominee's CV
  2. Detailed Nomination letter from Department Chairs/School Directors, based on the tenure file, that makes the case for research excellence as defined above. Please include a clearly identifiable section that explains why the nominee warrants the special recognition award of $5000.00.

  3. Covering letter from College Dean providing any additional information.

How to Apply

Each college runs their own selection process for nominees.  As such, they will decide how many nominations they wish to receive and any deadlines by which they are due from their departments/schools.  Colleges will also be deciding how the nominations are evaluated prior to submission for approval.  It is expected and highly-suggested that colleges give special attention and consideration to Tri-Agency equity, diversity, and inclusion guidelines, and be prepared to indicate what plans were put in place to ensure that these guidelines have been observed.

For More Information

Laurie Gallinger, Strategic Programs Officer
Office of Research, Strategic Programs & Infrastructure Grants,
519-824-4120 x56927

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