Update to University of Guelph Grant Agreement template

An updated version of the University of Guelph Grant Agreement template has been released today. Please use the newest version for research projects with sponsors, as applicable.

The University of Guelph Grant Agreement may be used with any research sponsor who does not seek the right to restrict or delay the dissemination of the results of the research; does not seek any rights to intellectual property resulting from the research; and does not seek a warranty with respect to a standard of performance. Sponsors must agree to the grant agreement terms “as is”. If a research sponsor wishes to negotiate terms appearing in the University of Guelph grant agreement, a Research Contract will be required. Please email research.services@uoguelph.ca for further information.

Please note that if you are leveraging sponsor funds now (e.g. NSERC Collaborative Research and Development Grants, Ontario Centres of Excellence, etc.), or planning to leverage the funds in the future, the University of Guelph Grant Agreement template cannot be used.  Please contact the Office of Research Services or Carolyn Dowling-Osborn, Contracts Manager, for a template that suits your research needs and takes into account the requirements of the multiple funding sponsors.   

To use the University of Guelph Grant Agreement, please:

  1. Download the Grant Agreement template.
  2. Principal Investigator and Sponsor coordinate to fill in the Grant Agreement fields, indicated in square brackets.
  3. If possible, the sponsor prints the Grant Agreement on their company/organization's letterhead
  4. Sponsor and Principal Investigator review and sign the completed Grant Agreement.
  5. Principal Investigator submits:
    • Digital version of Grant Agreement with electronic signatures by Sponsor and Principal Investigator to University Office of Research Services accompanied by a signed, complete OR-5 Form to research.services@uoguelph.ca;
    • Two (2) original hard copies of the Grant Agreement, signed by Sponsor and Principal Investigator, accompanied by a signed, complete OR-5 Form to Office of Research Services (University Centre, Room 437).

The Office of Research Services will review the Grant Agreement and obtain the signatures required on behalf of the University of Guelph. One (1) copy will be retained in the Office of Research Services and one (1) copy will be returned to the Sponsor via email transmission unless a hard copy original is requested.

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Carolyn Dowling-Osborn, Senior Manager, Grants & Contracts
Office of Research, Research Support Services
519-824-4120 x52935

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