Webinar - CIHR - Population Health Intervention Research

Monday July 27, 2015 1:00pm to 2:00pm


Featuring:  Dr. Malcolm King, Scientific Director for the CIHR-Institute of Aboriginal Peoples’ Health  and  Dr. Nancy Edwards, Scientific Director for the CIHR-Institute of Population and Public Health

Population Health Intervention Research supports research on program and policy interventions within and outside the health sector (such as education, transportation, social services, housing and the arts) planned and funded by community, not-for-profit, private, and/or public organizations that have an impact on health and health equity.  These interventions, which often lack mechanisms for assessing what works, why and how to apply this knowledge to new programs or policy decisions, can benefit from researcher expertise and scientific study.

In particular, the CIHR Roadmap Signature Initiative on Pathways to Health Equity for Aboriginal Peoples is interested in funding population health intervention research projects as a means to support Aboriginal health research in Canada.

To be considered under the Pathways Initiative, applicants must focus on a policy or program intervention relevant to Aboriginal Peoples' health at a national, provincial/territorial and/or regional level and be related to Pathways exemplars (Suicide prevention, Obesity/Diabetes, Tuberculosis and Oral Health). Examples of potential relevant interventions to be studied include, but are not limited to:
  • Housing policies and the impact on tuberculosis prevention and control; 
  • Provincial funding/payment models for dentists and dental therapists to deliver preventive oral health interventions;
  • Community-driven programs to improve health and health equity through diabetes prevention;
  • Research on  social enterprises as interventions.

The Public Health Agency of Canada encourages research on Aboriginal Head Start in urban and northern communities and the Community Action Program for Children (CAPC).

To receive registration details for the webinar, email ipph@uottawa.ca

For questions about the Pathways to Health Equity for Aboriginal Peoples' initiative, please contact:

Sarah Viehbeck
Assistant Director, Evaluation and Strategic Initiatives 
CIHR- Institute of Population and Public Health
Tel: 613-562-5800 ext. 1925

For general questions about the Poplulation Health Intervention Research Initiatives, please contact: 

Erica Di Ruggiero
Deputy Scientific Director
CIHR- Institute of Population and Public Health
Tel: 416-524-0111

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