2015 Large Scale Applied Research Project Competition (LSARP) Natural Resources and the Environment - Update


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2015 Large-Scale Applied Research Project Competition Natural Resources and the Environment: Sector Challenges – Genomic Solutions


Genome Canada is pleased to advise the research community the followoing funding opportunity: the 2015 Large-Scale Applied Research Project Competition Natural Resources and the Environment: Sector Challenges – Genomic Solutions.

This funding opportunity will be aimed at supporting projects focused on using genomic approaches to address challenges and opportunities of importance to Canada’s natural resources, including interactions between natural resources and the environment, thereby contributing to Canada’s bio-economy and the wellbeing of Canadians. The scope of this funding opportunity will include areas such as genomics research related to energy, mining, forestry, water stewardship, wildlife management/conservation and bioproducts that help conserve natural resources and protect the environment. It also includes the use of genomics to identify key elements that impact ecosystem structure, function and diversity.



Applicants will need to demonstrate how their proposal holds high potential for attaining concrete deliverables by the end of the funding period and that these deliverables will be subsequently translated into significant social and/or economic benefits within as short a timeframe as possible following the conclusion of the project, taking into consideration what is reasonable for each sector.

Note that studies focusing on human health as impacted by the environment or projects focused on producing food or food supplements for human or animal consumption are not eligible for support in this competition.

Funding Availability

Through this Competition, Genome Canada will provide up to $26 million in funding for multiple projects ranging in budget from $2 million to $10 million, over a term of up to four years. Genome Canada will support up to one-third of the total cost of any one project, while the balance must be secured through co-funding.


Indirect Costs


Project Duration

Up to four years.

Special Notes

Applicants in Ontario will be required to apply for funding through the Ontario Genomics Institute (OGI). The application process will be comprised of three steps: registration, pre-application and full application. In order to better prepare the projects being submitted from Ontario for this competition, the Ontario Genomics Institute (OGI) will complete a due diligence review of applications prior to submission to Genome Canada. Please note that to accommodate this process the OGI deadlines differ from those in the official RFA from Genome Canada. The deadlines below are in line with those required for submissions to Ontario Genomics Institute. If you are working with another Genome Centre, please be in touch with them and the Office of Research Services (ORS) in advance to confirm the deadlines. Please allow two weeks for the internal ORS review of the pre-application and full application.

Internal deadlines

Please copy research.services@uoguelph.ca on the submission of your registration to the Genome Canada Centre (i.e. OGI) by July 31, 2015.  Applicants will be required to submit an OR-5 Form at the full Application stage.  

Pre-Application to ORS: October 19, 2015, 4:30pm

Full application to ORS: March 21, 2016, 4:30pm

External deadlines

Registration final to OGI: July 31, 2015, 11:45pm

Draft pre-application to OGI: September 3, 2015, 11:45pm

Pre-application to OGI: November 2, 2015

Full application to OGI: April 4, 2016

How to Apply

Please be in touch with the Office of Research Services to receive guidance on your application including letters of support; leveraging monies from existing research accounts; confirming eligibility; and discussing agreements regarding intellectual property. Final budgets and letters of support must be in hand to the Office of Research two weeks in advance of the relevant Genome Centre deadline.

Application forms and relevant links:

RFA and guidelines:
Request for Applications (RFA)
Guidelines for Funding Research Projects

Registration form: 
Registration Form

Pre-application forms: 
Pre-Application Form
Pre-Application Summary Budget and Co-funding Appendix

Full Application forms: 
Coming soon

Other resources: 
Genome Canada Competition webpage link

For Questions, please contact

Kim Flock
Manager, Research & Business Development
Ontario Genomics Institute

Office of Research

Katie Meyer Beck, Director, Research Support Services
Research Services Office
519-824-4120 x54059

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