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Quantum Leap Strategic Initiative

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The CQDM Quantum Leap strategic initiative, launched in February 2014, is open to the Canadian scientific community. With this new pilot initiative, CQDM will continue to address important gaps in the drug research and development (R&D) process, while being able to seize opportunities that can bring exceptional value to biopharmaceutical research. This initiative will also bring socioeconomic benefits to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and academia, and allow CQDM to establish strategic partnerships.

The ultimate goal of the Quantum Leap initiative is to allow SMEs to further develop platforms which will have an exceptional potential impact and address a critical need in drug R&D. It is  designed to bring an existing platform to the highest level, positioning it advantageously for commercialization. 


Research projects must be led by a Canadian SME; collaboration with researchers in academia is strongly encouraged.

Funding Availability

CQDM has reserved a $1,000,000 envelope to pilot this new strategic initiative. The number of funded projects as well as the budget available for any individual one will depend on the proposed research project.

Indirect Costs


Special Notes

Please read the Licensing Policy section related to Intellectual Property generated under this Program on the CQDM website.

Internal Deadline

Please submit your application/proposal, along with an OR-5 Form to ten (10) business days prior to submission to the sponsor.

External Deadline

Continual Intake

How to Apply

The SME will be responsible for submitting the application to the Sponsor. 

The funding will be awarded following a competitive process in two phases:

Phase 1: Only exceptional proposals will be considered for CQDM funding.  Interested SMEs must complete a Quantum Leap Phase 1 application (using the form available here) describing the project, its outstanding contribution on drug R&D, and the important impact of CQDM funding on the SME.

Successful applicants will need to sign a research agreement with CQDM.

Phase 2: Only SME’s proposals that successfully passed the Phase 1 evaluation will be asked to fill in the Phase 2 application form. Such form will be provided by CQDM upon successful evaluation of a Phase 1 proposal. 

For Questions, please contact

Marc Thibault
Director of Programs
514-766-6661, ext. 2190

Office of Research

Meghan Grimes, Awards and Agreements Officer
Research Services Office
519-824-4120 x54807

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