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Canada Europe Joint Funding Initiative


Canada/Germany Program call for letters of intent and full proposal submission
The main goal of the Canada/Germany joint program is to strengthen research in Canada and Germany by aligning scientific resources and expertise.   The collaborative program gives the opportunity for private and public organizations based in Canada and Germany to develop new expertise and to expand into new markets.
This program is meant to finance the development of novel and potentially transformative next-generation technologies or tools with the potential to improve, enhance, or accelerate the state of the art and/or development process. For Canada the program is focused on biomedical research aimed at developing tools and technologies to improve, accelerate or enhance the drug discovery process. The German funding system is generally technology open.
This program is not intended to fund research on new drugs for specific therapeutic segments.
This program promotes creativity, innovation and collaborative efforts between academic institutions and private organizations from Canada and Germany.


Must include a strong collaboration between at least one research entity (academic or private) in Canada and at least one private entity in Germany.

Funding Availability

Maximum $380,000 EU for each applying SME in Germany and $500,000 for Canada. See details for RTOs in call for proposals. 

Indirect Costs


Special Notes

Licensing Policy
  • A research agreement must be signed by all research entities involved in the project within 3 months after the funding confirmation.
  • Intellectual property generated under this funding program will be managed according to the policies of the financial partners involved.
  • A licence option will be granted to the CQDM industrial sponsors (currently Merck and Pfizer and their subsidiaries) for the use of the results for R&D purposes only.  The main conditions of the end user license option will be negotiated before the beginning of the project and will take into account pre- existing IP as well as contribution from each party.
  • CDQM industrial sponsors will have no rights to commercialize the IP resulting from the project or the pre-existing IP.


If College-level review is required, your College will communicate its earlier internal deadlines.

Internal Deadline

Please submit a copy of your full application along with a signed OR5 form to the Research Services email address at

External Deadline

Candidates must submit their short common application form and full application form.

How to Apply

Please see the letter of intent and proposal information and forms.

Each research proposal must: 

  • Include strong collaboration between at least one research entity (public or private) in Canada and at least one private entity in Germany.  *Please note: In Germany, a private entity (SME) is mandatory to apply. Public and private non-profit research and technology organizations (RTOs) acting as cooperation partners for a SME are also eligible for ZIM-fnding. In Canada the participation of a private organization is highly encouraged and preferred, but not mandatory, Universities are eligible. 
  • Generate clear deliverables with immediate applications in the drug discovery and/or development process of new therapeutics. 
  • Be highly innovative with a strong and wide potential impact on biopharmaceutical research.
For Questions, please contact

Marc Thibault
Director of Programs
514-766-6661, ext. 2190 (email address)

Office of Research

Linda McCorkindale, Contracts Officer
Research Services Office
519-824-4120 x56257

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