Competition launched: New CIFSRF call for proposal in 2015 *updated February 12, 2105


International Development Centre (IDRC) and Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada (DFATD)


Canadian International Food Security Research Fund (CIFSRF)

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Full information will be posted on the IDRC Competitions website  and through the CIFSRF listserv.


The call will support projects that aim to develop, test and apply ways to scale up food security and nutrition innovations, particularly ones that address the needs of women small-scale farmers as core users. It will support projects that take effective, pilot-tested, innovations to a wider scale of use and application, to deliver meaningful development outcomes (i.e. reaching important numbers of end-users) through the effective deployment of scaling up models, delivery mechanisms and approaches. Read the full CIFSRF 2015 pre-announcement call here . Read the 2015 Call for Proposals here.


  • Research, development and private sector organizations from Canada and from eligible countries in the global South (see Appendix 1 of the 2015 Call for Proposals ).
  • Partnerships must include two or more organizations and/or companies; at least one of which must be Canadian and at least one must be an eligible country organization.
  • It is expected that a business-oriented organization (e.g., business firms and companies, service and input providers, financial service providers, and not-for-profit organizations with focus on economic and business development, among others) will play a central and often leading role in successful applications. At least one organization in the partnership must be a business-oriented organization (either Canadian or eligible country organization), with a key role in the partnership and meaningful participation in activities and budget.
  • Past and current CIFSRF grantees can apply to this call provided they meet the partnership requirements, and their proposal is substantially different from previously funded research, or builds from the results of past CIFSRF-funded initiatives.
  • A person is eligible to be a team member on a maximum of two projects in this Call. A person can apply as team leader on one project, and be on the team of one additional project. Or, a person can be on the team of two projects. One person cannot be a team leader on two projects. Any person who is currently a principal investigator on a CIFSRF funded project is not eligible to be a team leader on an application in the current call, but s/he may be included on the team of one application in the current call.

Maximum Project Value

Projects will be in the range of CAD $0.5 to $1.5 million

Indirect Costs

13% of eligible expenses

Project Duration

Project duration shall not exceed 28 months, including the inception phase, all research activities, and final reporting. It is anticipated that projects selected in this call will begin October 1st, 2015. Activities must be planned accordingly. All proposals should plan for a short inception phase (2 months), including an inception workshop. This period will allow for fine-tuning of scaling up targets and milestones, further developing activity plans and other changes and adjustments to the original proposal needed to guarantee the success of the project.

Special Notes

Competition timelines

  • Successful applications informed: End of July 2015
  • Projects begin: October 1, 2015


If College-level review is required, your College will communicate its earlier internal deadlines.

Internal Deadline

to Office of Research Services: Applicants must submit their proposal together with an OR-5 form to 

External Deadline

to sponsor: Applicants must submit their proposals directly to IDRC by e-mail to

How to Apply

For Questions, please contact

Any enquiries shall be directed to  on or before 17:00 hours, Eastern Daylight Time on March 9, 2015in order to receive a response prior to the deadline date. Any enquiries which affect all applicants received on or before the above-mentioned deadline will be circulated via e-mail as FAQs with the Fund’s responses to those enquiries, without revealing the sources of the enquiries.

Before March 2, 2015:

Margaret Kirnbauer
Research Contracts Manager
ext. 54059 

After March 2, 2015:

Office of Research

Katie Meyer Beck, Director, Research Support Services
Research Services Office
519-824-4120 x54059

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