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Globalink Research Award – Campus France

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Mitacs has partnered with Campus France to support student mobility between Canadian universities and French universities. The Mitacs Globalink Research Award – Campus France is an exciting competitive initiative that provides the opportunity for faculty members and M2 and PhD students at French universities to build an international research network and undertake research abroad at Canadian universities. This award provides an opportunity to strengthen existing international research collaborations and connect with colleagues around the world through the mobility of graduate students.  Student recipients will develop research skills, cultural fluency, and a professional network, becoming part of Canada’s generation of global innovators.  


Open to all disciplines. Full time Master’s or PhD students studying at French Universities, and Faculty at Canadian universities; Projects are jointly supervised by faculty members based at select Canadian universities.  

Funding Availability

Students coming from France will receive up to $5,000 for travel expenses, research related expenses and student stipend.  Funding will be in the form of a research grant to the Canadian academic supervisor, via the Office of Research. Campus France will award each applicant $5,000 CAD in funding to cover return airfare, via reimbursements, health insurance and living costs while in Canada. Students are eligible to receive only one Mitacs Globalink Research Award per academic lifetime. 

Project Duration

12 – 24 weeks; projects can start as early as early as February 2016 and as late as December 31, 2016.

Special Notes

Travel to the destination prior to the approval of the award is not permitted, and neither Mitacs nor Campus France is responsible for any costs incurred before the application is approved. Travel may not be initiated until Mitacs have received all the paperwork, including the International Pre-Departure Form and Mitacs Student Cost of Conduct and Ethics Form, and the application is approved.


If College-level review is required, your College will communicate its earlier internal deadlines.

Internal Deadline

French applicant submits a signed OR-5 form (supervisor) along with the complete application ( including a signature page signed by intern, home professor in France, and host supervisor in Canada), and student CV and letters of support) to:

External Deadline

 Students and their home university academic supervisors submit Globalink Research Award applications directly to Mitacs by email at apply(at) with the subject heading “[Student first and last name] _GRA-Campus France"

How to Apply

Graduate students from French universities who meet all of the eligibility criteria and have an identified research project and a host supervisor in Canada must submit a complete application directly to Mitacs. Signature page must signed by all parties, including home university’s Office of Research Services (or equivalent thereof). See link below for required list of items to include. 

For Questions, please contact


Office of Research

Annette Clarke, Grants Officer
Research Services Office
519-824-4120 x56927

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