Ontario Ministry of Transportation - 2015 Road Safety Research Partnership Program (RSRPP) *updated deadlines


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2015 Road Safety Research Partnership Program (RSRPP)

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Guidelines, appendinx and application forms for Ontario Ministry of Transportation - 2015 Road Safety Research Partnership Program (RSRPP)

Please direct applications and inquiries for further information concerning the RSRPP and the application process to Mary Gallucci at mary.gallucci@ontario.ca with “RSRPP” in the subject line and copy rsrpp@ontario.ca


The program is administered by the Road Safety Research Office within the Safety Policy and Education Branch.  The purpose is to encourage applied research on the behavior and social aspects of road user safety, to facilitate the transfer of knowledge, skills, and methodologies from another discipline to road user safety research, and to promote work that complements the research projects and research expertise within MTO that are available in the academic and broader public sector community. Novel and innovative approaches, population-based research using hospital and other administrative databases, data collection, pilot studies, or feasibility studies are of particular interest.

Eligible topics: Possible topics on Road Safety are diverse.  Research activities supported by this program will be int the behavioural and social sciences, including the development of methodology by which behavior and social factors in traffic crashes are analyzed.  The program will not fund research on aspects of highway and vehicle engineering or medical research on the traumatic effects of traffic crashes.  Faculty in these disciplines are still encouraged to apply, provided they investigate the behavioural or social aspects of road user safety or the methodology studying them. To be eligible for funding, research projects must cover at least one of the following topics as it relates to the Ontario population.

  1. Leveraging Technology to improve Road Safety (e.g.; Automated Vehicles, In-Vehicle Technology, Telematics)
  2. Vulnerable Road Users
  3. Drug Impaired Driving
  4. Safety on Rural Roads
  5. Alcohol Impaired Driving
  6. High-Risk Drivers
  7. Medical Fitness to Drive-Drivers with Cognitive Impairment/Declines
  8. Off Road Vehicles
  9. Driver Distraction and Inattention
  10. Drowsy Driving
  11. Large Trucks
  12. Driver Training

Refer to Appendix A of the Guidelines for further detail of above topics.


Ontario hospitals, colleges, and universities. Faculty carrying out behavioural and social research in road user safety in departments such as Economics, Engineering, Geography, Medicine, Psychology and Sociology are encouraged to apply for assistance under this program.


Funding Availability

The total value of the awards is expected to be about $150,000 for 2015-16 with the potential of up to five projects to be funded. In cases where more than one project is selected to be funded, the total available funds of $150,000 will be split between projects in a manner decided by MTO. 

Special Notes

Please note that a signed certificate from the ethics review committee at the University of Guelph is required. If necessary the applicant may indicate that the proposed project is before the committee for review and that the certificate will be sent thereafter (no later than July 31st).



If College-level review is required, your College will communicate its earlier internal deadlines.

Internal Deadline

*Please note updated deadline

Include a signed OR5 form with your proposal and submit it by email to resserv@uoguelph.ca

External Deadline

*Please note updated deadline

The electronic copy of the application package must be received by the deadline along with indication that the five hard copies required are in transit to Mary Gallucci.

For Questions, please contact

Mary Gallucci
Road Safety Research Partnership Program
Road Safety Research Office, Safety Policy and Education Branch
Ministry of Transportation
1201 Wilson Avenue, Building A, Room 212
Toronto, Ontario
M3M 1J8

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Linda McCorkindale, Contracts Officer
Research Services Office
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