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Corn Dust Research Consortium – Call for Research Proposals related to reducing honey bee exposure to dust emitted during planting of treated corn seeds.

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See the full RFP: Pollinator Partnership


The Pollinator Partnership has formed a Corn Dust Research Consortium (CDRC) to fund, oversee and advise on four proposed research projects to further their understanding of best management practices for mitigating seed treatment exposure of honey bees during corn planting.  CRDC is seeking proposals from North American researchers addressing two specific approaches to the issue. The project questions are:

  • Use of honey bees of flowering resources in and around cornfields during spring planting, and how this behavior can be effectively managed to reduce exposure to pesticide dust and residues;
  • The long-term health consequences of exposure of honey bee colonies to dust emitted during planting of neonicotinoid treated corn seeds;
  • The efficacy of CDRC recommendations in preventing honey bee exposure to corn dust and;
  • Efficacy of seed lubricant products.

Focused targeted projects with a likelihood of providing tangible results that can be applied to best management practices for mitigating seed treatment exposure to honey bees are preferred. Proposals that involve coordinated applications between institutions, multiple geographic locations in North America, replication of a direct analysis of working field conditions and standard planting equipment are preferred.


Faculty members.

Funding Availability

Will fund up to $300,000 in total. While this RFP lists four possible projects, there is no guarantee that projects in each category will be funded in 2015.

Indirect Costs


Project Duration

Funds must be used in an 8-month period (March 2015 to November 2015).

Special Notes

Funding decisions made by Monday March 30, 2015.


If College-level review is required, your College will communicate its earlier internal deadlines.

Internal Deadline

PI submits signed OR-5 form along with proposal (see proposal requirements on link below) to: Research.Services@uoguelph.ca

External Deadline

PI submits proposal package as a single PDF file to Kelly Rourke,  kr@pollinator.org  and identify the email-subject line and PDF attachment using “Project #, PI Last Name, First Name."

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