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This is an advance notice of a future call for proposals (RFP anticipated to be announced in Fall 2016).

DRDC, an agency of the Department of National Defence (DND), will conduct research and analysis to support the development of options for enhanced domain awareness of air, maritime surface and sub-surface approaches to Canada, and in particular those in the Arctic. This research and analysis will be delivered through collaboration with Other Government Departments (OGDs), academia, industry and allies. Surveillance solutions explored will support the Government of Canada’s ability to exercise sovereignty in the North, and will provide a greater whole-of-government awareness of safety and security issues, transportation and commercial activity in Canada’s Arctic.

 The aim is to provide DND with broad evidence-based advice to inform high-level decisions on future investments in surveillance solutions. DRDC seeks to apply S&T to identify, assess and validate technologies in support of situational awareness across air, maritime surface and sub-surface domains, particularly in the North, with a focus on the following areas:

1.         Strategic surveillance of airborne traffic and aerospace warning;

2.         Awareness of maritime traffic in Canadian approaches and Arctic littoral regions;

3.         Awareness of sub-surface activity approaching or in Canada’s North; and

4.         Analysis of sensor mixes and information integration and sharing for all domain awareness to enable detection of modern threats beyond the threshold of the current systems.

Funding Availability

An investment of up to $133M over 5 years.

Maximum Project Value

Unknown at this time.

Indirect Costs


Project Duration

Unknown at this time.

Special Notes

An All Domain Situational Awareness (ADSA) pre-solicitation is posted at the following link:

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