CIHR: Collaborative Health Research Projects (NSERC Partnered) - 2016-2017


Canadian Institutes of Health Research in partnership with Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council

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The CHRP Initiative funding supports innovative, interdisciplinary, collaborative research projects, requiring participation from the natural sciences or engineering community together with the health sciences community. The CHRP Initiative funding requires the translation of the research results to knowledge/technology users (KTUs) and related stakeholders outside the academic or training environment. As such, the proposed research projects must have a strong focus on knowledge translation (KT) and lead to health and economic benefits for Canadians, more effective health services and products, and/or a strengthened health care system. KTU organizations should be meaningfully engaged throughout the research process, as appropriate, to inform research planning and design.

The CHRP Initiative projects must include training opportunities for highly qualified personnel (HQP) in collaborative and interdisciplinary research of relevance to health, preparing them for employment opportunities in the private, public or not for profit sectors.


1. The application must include at least two Principal Applicants (including the Nominated Principal Applicant), one from the natural sciences or engineering community and one from the health sciences community. There is otherwise no limit to the number of applicants participating on CHRP Initiative grants.

2. The Nominated Principal Applicant must meet the NSERC Eligibility Criteria and be at an institution eligible to receive funds from NSERC

Funding Availability

The total amount available for this funding opportunity is $20.4 million over three years. 

Indirect Costs


Project Duration

3 years

Special Notes

Additional partners/collaborators, including partners/collaborators from industry and the private sector may join this funding initiative over the coming year.

Letter of Intent Deadline

May 24, 2016, 11:45 p.m.  -  PI submit directly to CIHR using ResearchNet

Note that the signature from the appropriate authorized official on behalf of the institution is not required at the LOI phase.


If College-level review is required, your College will communicate its earlier internal deadlines.

Internal Deadline

if invited: to Office of Research: September 27, 2016

Please submit your application/proposal along with an OR5 form to

External Deadline

if invited

How to Apply

This Funding Opportunity participates in the eApproval process. Please hit ‘Submit’ on ResearchNet on or before the internal deadline.  The application will be submitted to CIHR by the Office of Research Services.

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