CKCF – Pawsitivity Grants 2016


Canadian Kennel Club Foundation

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If your project helps dogs help people or promotes the positive role dogs play in Canadian society, then you should apply for a CKCF Pawsitivity Grant.



Funding Availability

average $2,500 to a maximum of $20,000/yr

Indirect Costs


Project Duration

1 year

Special Notes

Please note that, because applications for funding are accepted throughout the year, funds will become more limited over time.  Applying early in the year is strongly recommended, even if your project or event won't begin immediately.  

Internal Deadline

One week prior to external submission

Please submit your application/proposal along with an OR5 form to

External Deadline

Anytime throughout the year until annual budget is reached.

How to Apply

Applications must be emailed by the applicant to

The template and any supporting files should be prepared in PDF or Word format. 

For Questions, please contact

Marg Moran McQuinn
CKCF President

Office of Research

Ornella McCarron, Grants Officer
Research Services Office
519-824-4120 x52832

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