Shastri Partnership Seed Grant in Aid 2016-17

Updated Information

Internal deadline has been extended to November 23, 2016.

This update also includes:

  • clarification on eligibility for the SPSG in Aid Grant (see Eligibility)
  • clarification on grant and other support (see Project Value)
  • clarification on the types of projects that would be considered (see Special Notes)


Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute


Shastri Partnership Seed Grant in Aid (SPSG) 2016-17

For More Information

Program Guidelines


Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute Partnership Seed Grant in Aid program provides partial matching financial contribution as well as logistical support for partner organizations’ programs and activities. The purpose of SPSG is to support furthering bilateral exchanges, institutional linkages, as well as areas traditionally supported by SICI, including research and other academic collaborations between Canadian and Indian Institutes. SPSG in Aid funds may be used to support bi-national seminars, conferences, workshops, meetings, scholarly discussions, planning meetings, student visits, faculty visits, delegation visits and similar between India-Canada, that initiate or further institutional linkages, academic mobility and trade relations between India and Canada. 


Faculty member from Canadian institutions that satisfy one of the following criteria:

  • SICI’s Canadian member institutions, which can be found at;
  • other Canadian universities and Canadian organizations (non SICI members), who support furthering India-Canada research and student collaborations and mobility, bilateral exchanges, institutional linkages, trade opportunities, and similar.

Funding Availability

Total funds available from SICI is $30,000.

Maximum Project Value

The SPSG in Aid is a matching grant program, where SICI will provide 50% of your program budget. The recipient institution will bring the other 50% of the budgeted amount.

SICI funding support will be given at a limit of $2000 per student or per scholar, with a maximum of five grants per institution (a total of $10,000). All amounts in Canadian funds.

In addition to 50% grant support, SICI will also provide support to the partner institutions with information and assistance related to networking, logistics, identification of relevant partners and institutional contacts.

Projects with budgets requiring contribution below $5,000 or above $10,000 from SICI will be considered, if funding is available.

Project Duration

Between November 15 2016 to September 30, 2017. If requested by the recipient, eligible program expenses will be accepted from August 1, 2016.

Special Notes

Eligible projects include:

  • Bi-national seminars, conferences, workshops, meetings, scholarly discussions, and similar;
  • Student visits (study weeks, field visits, internships, expedition, etc.) -- to be organized/supervised by the faculty members/administrators from Canadian academic institutions;  
  • Faculty member visits (academic or other institutional planning meetings, workshops, seminars, and similar);
  • Delegation visits.

Note: An ideal project would have a group of 4 to 5 students/faculty/administration visit Indian institutions. 


If College-level review is required, your College will communicate its earlier internal deadlines.

Internal Deadline

PI submits an OR-5 form along with the full application  (see application requirements) to:

External Deadline

PI submits electronic application by email to  Please mention: “Application for SPSG in Aid 2016-17” on the subject line of your email. 

For Questions, please contact

Mahmuda Aldeen      
Program and Member Relations Officer
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Phone: (403) 220-3220
Fax: (403) 289-0100

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