Sport Participation Research Initiative (SPRI)


Social Science and Humanities Research Council and Sports Canada

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The joint Sport Participation Research Initiative (SPRI) supports the goals of the Canadian Sport Policy by funding selected doctoral students, postdoctoral researchers and postsecondary institution-affiliated researchers to conduct research on matters related to enhancing participation in sport—and to the outcomes thereof—in Canada.

The initiative offers three separate funding mechanisms (SSHRC Insight Grants, PostDoctoral Fellowships and Doctoral Awards) to support research on participation in sport in Canada.

Note that the initiative is designed to complement, not replace, existing SSHRC support for sport participation research offered through the Insight program.


Emerging and Established Faculty, Postdoctoral Fellows (read eligibility guidelines)

 A researcher currently holding an SPRI grant may not submit a new SPRI application as a principal applicant. A researcher may not submit an application for an SPRI grant and another application for an Insight Grant as a principal applicant in the same competition. All applicants must comply with other SSHRC eligibility criteria for the Insight Grants funding opportunity.

Funding Availability

SPRI Research Grants are available for Insight Grant applications and are worth up to a maximum of $100,000 annually, but not totalling more than $250,000 in a three-year period. Insight Grant applicants who request funding for up to five years and for more than $250,000 via the Insight Grant application may also be considered for SPRI funding. Those applicants will be requested to resubmit an adjusted three-year budget.

SPRI Postdoctoral Fellowship Supplements are tenable for 12 months and are worth $10,000, in addition to the annual value of the SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowship.

Indirect Costs

0 %

Project Duration

Three years.

Special Notes

Each Insight Grant application for an SPRI Research Grant is adjudicated first by the relevant SSHRC adjudication committee. Then, if the application is recommended for funding but, due to budgetary constraints, is placed on SSHRC's supplementary list, it is referred to the Sport Canada Relevance Committee.

Applications for the Postdoctoral Fellowship Supplement the procedure is similar. The significant difference is that the postdoctoral fellowship adjudication committees will only refer successful applications to the Sport Canada Relevance Committee.

Internal deadlines

Insight Grant - October 7, 2016
PostDoc Fellowship – September 14, 2016

Please submit your application/proposal along with an OR5 form to

External deadlines

Insight Grant - October 17, 2016 by 8:00 pm EST
PostDoc Fellowship – September 21, 2016 by 8:00 pm EST

How to Apply

Applications will be submitted electronically by the Office of Research Services – Eligible PhD students and Postdoctoral researchers may submit their applications directly to SSHRC

For Questions, please contact

Chantal Meda, Program Officer
SSHRC Research Grants and Partnerships Division

Office of Research

Ornella McCarron, Grants Officer
Research Services Office
519-824-4120 x52832

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