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Le Naturaliste canadien, Special issues, V. 109, N. 3,4, pp. 301-1019. 1982.


Martini, I.P. (ed.)

Volume 109 1982

Scientific studies on Hudson and James Bay I

Geology and geomorphology 

SHILTS, W. W. Quaternary evolution of the Hudson/James Bay region. 309-332

HARDY, L. Le Wisconsinien superieur a I'est de la baie James (Quebec).333-351

KRANCK, K. & A. RUFFMAN. Sedimentation in James Bay. 353-361

D'ANGLEJEAN, B. Patterns of recent sedimentation in the Eastmain estuary, prior to river cut-off. 63-374

CHAMPAGNE, P. Morphologie littorale de la baie de Rupert. 75-384

CLARKE, K.E., I.P. MARTINI & W.A. GLOOSCHENKO. Sedimentary characteristics of the coastal environment of North Point, Ontario. 385-397

SCOTT, D. B. & I.P. MARTINI. Marsh Foraminifera zonations in western James and Hudson Bays. 399-414

MARTINI, I.P. Geomorphological features on the Ontario coast of Hudson Bay. 15-429

  Climatology and permafrost

 FRENCH, H. M. & R. GILBERT. Periglacial phenomena near Churchill, Manitoba. 433-444

POITEVIN, J. & J. T. GRAY. Distribution du pergelisol dans Ie bassin de la Grande riviere de la Baleine, Quebec. 45-455

ROUSE, W. R. The water balance of upland tundra in the Hudson Bay lowlands - Measured and modelled. 457-467

WRIGHT, R.K. Modelling the thaw-season runoff in Nouveau-Quebec. 469-479


GLOOSCHENKO, W.A. & K. CLARKE. The salinity cycle of a subarctic salt marsh. 483-490 PROTZ, R. Development of gleysolic soils in the Hudson Bay and James Bay coastal zone, Ontario. 491-500

PROTZ, R. Development of podzolic soils in the Hudson Bay and James Bay low- lands, Ontario. 501-510

TARNOCAI, C. Soil and terrain development in the York Factory Peninsula, Hudson Bay lowland. 511-522

MOORE, T. R. Nutrients in subarctic woodland soils. 523-529


GORHAM, E. Some unsolved problems in peatland ecology. 533-541

RILEY, J. L. Hudson Bay lowland floristic inventory, wetlands catalogue and conservation strategy. 543-555

FILION, L. & S. PAYETTE. Regime nival et vegetation chionophile a Poste-de-la- Baleine,Nouveau-Quebec. 557-571

COWLES, S. Preliminary results investigating the effects of lichen ground cover on the growth of black spruce. 573-581

REZNICEK, S.A. & J. SVOBODA. Tundra communities along a micro-environmental gradient at Coral Harbour, Southampton Island, N.W.T. 583-595

McANDREWS, J. H., J. L. RILEY & A. M. DAVIS. Vegetation history of the Hudson Bay lowland: a postglacial pollen diagram from the Sutton Ridge. 597-608

 Mapping and ecological land classification  

SIMS, R.A., D. W. COWELL & G. M. WICKWARE. Use of vegetational physiognomy in classifying treed peatlands near southern James Bay, Ontario. 611-619

JEGLUM, J. K. & D. W. COWELL. Wetland ecosystems near Kinoje lakes, southern interior Hudson Bay lowland. 621-635

PALA, S. & W. WEISCHET. Toward a physiographic analysis of the Hudson Bay- James Bay lowland. 637-651

PALA, S. & A. BOISSONNEAU. Wetland classification maps for the Hudson Bay lowland. 653-659

FORTIN, N. & P. LEGENDRE. Application de la cartographie ecologique a la localisation environmentale d'un reseau routier. 661-670

Volume 109 1982

Scientific studies on Hudson and James Bays II

Physical oceanography

DUNBAR, M. Oceanographic research in Hudson and James Bays. 677-683

PRINSENBERG, S.J. Time variability of physical oceanographic parameters in Hudson Bay. 685-700

SADLER, H.E. Water flow into Foxe Basin through Fury and Hecla Strait. 701-707

BUDGELL, W.P. Spring-neap variation in the vertical stratification of Chesterfield Inlet, Hudson Bay. 709-718

OUELLET, Y., J. LLAMAS & J.C. RASSAM. Analyse des fluctuations du niveau d'eau dans Ie detroit de Manitounuk, a I'est de la baie d'Hudson. 719-731

INGRAM, R.G. Mean and tidal circulation of the Eastmain River (James Bay). 733-743

FREEMAN, N.G., J.C. ROFF & R.J. PETT. Physical, chemical, and biological features of river plumes under an ice cover in James and Hudson Bays. 745-764

 Marine ecology

 PETT, R.J. & J.C. ROFF. Some observations and deductions concerning the deep waters of Hudson Bay. 767-774

LEGENDRE, L., R.G. INGRAM & Y. SIMARD. Aperiodic changes of water column stability and phytoplankton in an arctic coastal embayment, Manitounuk

Sound, Hudson Bay. 775-786

GRAINGER, E. H. Factors affecting phytoplankton stocks and primary productivity at the Belcher Islands, Hudson Bay. 787-791

GRENON, J.-F. The macrobenthic fauna of the Eastmain River estuary (James Bay, Quebec), before the diversion. 793-802

OCHMAN, S. & J. DODSON. Composition and structure of the larval and juvenile fish community of the Eastmain River and estuary, James Bay. 803-813

LAMBERT, Y. & J. DODSON. Structure et role des facteurs physiques dans le aintien des communautes estuariennes de poissons de la baie James. 815-823

 Environmental impact of hydroelectric projects

PRINSENBERG, S.J. Present and future circulation and salinity in James Bay. 27-841

DENIS, R. & P. DESROCHES. Modeles reduits de I'estuaire de la Grande riviere de la Baleine etdude troit deManitounuk. 843-855

SERODES, J. B. Demande en oxygene des sols et arb res noyes du reservoir La Grande 2, baie James. 857-867

THERIEN, N., K. MORRISON, M. DE BROISSIA & B. MARCOS. A simulation model of plankton dynamics in reservoirs of the La Grande River complex. 869-881

ROY, D. Repercussions de la coupure de la Grande Riviere a I'aval de LG 2. 883-891

Wildlife biology

GASTON, A.J. On the seabirds of northern Hudson Bay. 895-903

KERBES, R. H. Lesser snow geese and their habitat on west Hudson Bay. 905-911

THOMAS, V.G. & J.P. PREVETT. The roles of James and Hudson Bay lowland in the annual cycle of geese. 913-925

ROSS, R. K. Duck distribution along the James and Hudson Bay coasts of Ontario. 927-932

PREVETT, J. P. & G. B. KOLENOSKY. The status of polar bears in Ontario. 933-939

RAMSAY, M.A. & I. STIRLING. Reproductive biology and ecology of female polar bears in western Hudson Bay. 941-946

MEREDITH, T.C. & L. MOLLER-WILLE. The caribou of Nouveau-Quebec, an important biological resource. Economic aspects of Naskapi utilization. 947-952

Human ecology  

FREEMAN, M.M.R. An ecological perspective on man-environment research in the Hudson and James Bay region. 955-963

BERRY, J. W., R. M. WINTROB, P. S. SINDELL & T. MAWHINNEY. Psychological adaptation to culture change among the James Bay Cree. 965-975

BURKE, S.O., L.A. SAYERS, J.G. WRAY & A.J. BAUMGART. Indian children: a Denver development screening test validity study. 977-981

HODGE, G. Analyses for northern development planning: a plea for appropriate technology. 983-987

ZIMMERMAN, A.P., T. JACKSON, H.G. McGARRY, W. RYBCZYNSKI & A. V. WHYTE. Big Trout Lake Ontario. I: An example of community decision making. 989-999

ZIMMERMAN, A.P., T. JACKSON, H.G. McGARRY, W. RYBCZYNSKI &A. V. WHYTE. Big Trout Lake Ontario. II: Cultural eutrophication and appropriate technol-ogical solutions in northern communities. 1001-1010

BERKES, F. Energy subsidies and native domestic (subsistence) fisheries. 1011-1019

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