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Supervised Theses (total 19)

19. Oakes M., 2002, Subaqueous ice marginal lacustrine sedimentation in part of Lake Erie, Ontario Canada (M..Sc.)

18. Heymers L., 2001, Quantification of the sand and gravel qualities along the Guelph outwash, southern Ontario (M.Sc.).

17. Dumbrell M., 2000, Bank stability of the lower reaches of the Moose River, northern Ontario (M.Sc.).

16. Murphy M., 1998. Characterization of seasonal backscatter change in subarctic wetlands and river ice breakup using RADARSAT data (M.Sc.).

15. Mosher S.L., 1996. Erosion, sedimentation and stream modification downstream from a hydroelectric dam: Mattagami River, northern Ontario (M.Sc.).

14. Hawcke, M., 1996. Peat sequences in selected areas of the Hudson Bay Lowland and southern Ontario (M.Sc.).

13. Poehlman, T., 1996. Bar sedimentation at the head of the estuary of the Moose River. Northern Ontario (M.Sc.).

12. McCarthy, P., 1995. Paleosols of the Cretaceous Blairmore Group in S. Alberta. (Ph.D.).

11. MacKay, W., 1993. Fourier shape analysis of coastal sands from the high arctic to cold temperate regions of Canada (M.Sc.).

10. Smith, M., 1991. The floodplain deposits and paleosol profiles of the Late Carboniferous Cumberland coal basin, exposed at Joggins, Nova Scotia, Canada (M.Sc.).

9. Brogly, P., 1991. Sedimentology of the Queenston Formation, Ordovician, S.W. Ontario (M.Sc.).

8. Kelly, R.I., 1983. A sedimentological study of the early Wisconsin Scarborough Formation, Toronto, Ontario (M.Sc.).

7. Lowden, D.J., 1983. The effect of river ice on a point bar on the Grand River, Ontario (M.Sc.).

6. King, W.A., 1982. The geomorphology and sedimentology of the lower reaches of the Attawapiskat River, James Bay, Ontario (M.Sc.).

5. Grinham, D.F., 1982. Tidal sedimentation in Northwestern Akimiski Strait, James Bay, Ont. (M.Sc.).

4. Clarke, K.E., 1980. Ecology of a subarctic coastal system, North Point, James Bay, Ontario (M.Sc.).

3. Arbour, J.H., 1978. Blowouts in the sand dunes of Wasaga Beach (M.Sc.).

2. Yurick, R.I.M., 1977. The carrying capacity for recreational activities of a forested sand dune area at Wasaga Beach, Ontario (M.Sc.).

1. MacLean, B., 1976. Surficial deposits in Central Prince Edward Island: their origin and soil genesis (M.Sc.).

0. Martini, I.P., 1966. The sedimentology of the Medina Formation outcropping along the Niagara Escarpment (Ontario and New York State).(Ph.D.) McMaster University, Hamilton, ON.


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