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Work area; SOUTHERN ALBERTA ROCKY MOUNTAINS (stratigraphic mapping for oil exploration; paleosols)

McCarthy, P.J., Martini, I.P. and Leckie, D.A., 1999. Pedogenic and diagenic influences on void coating formation in Lower Cretaceous paleosols of the Mill Creek Formation, southwestern Alberta, Canada. Geoderma, 87: 209-237. 

McCarthy, P.J., Martini, I.P. and Leckie, D.A., 1998. Use of micromorphology for paleoenvironmental interpretation of complex alluvial paleosols: an example from the Mill Creek Formation (Albian), southwestern Alberta, Canada. Palaeogeogr., Palaeoclimatol., Palaeoecol., 143: 87-110 

McCarthy, P.J., Martini, I.P. and Leckie, D.A., 1997b. Pedosedimentary history and floodplain dynamics of the Lower Cretaceous upper Blairmore Group, southwestern Alberta, Canada. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, 34: 598-617. 

McCarthy,P.J., Martini,I.P. and Leckie, D.A., 1997a. Anatomy and evolution of a Lower Cretaceous alluvial plain: sedimentology and paleosols in the upper Blairmore Group, south-western Alberta, Canada. Sedimentology, 44: 197-220.



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