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Review and comparative analysis of Hudson Bay Lowland (HBL) and Western Siberia Plain (WSP) peatland basins

Martini, I.P.1, Bliakhartchouk, T.2, and Parnachov, S.2

1University of Guelph, ON Canada.
2Tomsk University, Tomsk, Russia


A review and comparative basin analysis is being conducted the two largest, cold-climate, unconfined peatlands of the world: Hudson Bay Lowland (HBL) and Western Siberia Plain (WSP). They have strong similarities but also differences. Some of these consist of:wsp15.jpg (635462 忖准)

- Formed on cratons stable since Mesozoic time
- Flat land (for the most part)
- Not affected greatly by orographic effects
- Open to arctic air currents
- Ranging form arctic to cold temperate climatic zones, although located at different latitudes
- Northern drainage
- Glaciated areas, but differently so during the latest Pleistocene
- Peatland differently affected by postglacial isostatic rebound
- Some differences in floristic composition of peatlands
- Basal Holocene peats older in WSP than in HBL by order of 4-6 ka, however similar thickness of peat developed




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