U of G Lab Service in the News

May 04, 2007 - News Release

A discovery made at U of G's Laboratory Services continues to make headlines around the world and keeping scientists at the lab busy answering phone calls from the media.

The lab was featured in an article in USA Today Tuesday that talked about what likely harmed the animals that ate contaminated pet food.

Tuesday, Brent Hoff from the Animal Health Lab was quoted in USA Today,

Perry Martos with U of G's Agriculture and Food Laboratory appeared on CBS evening news May 3 discussing the chemical discovery he and his colleagues made that may explain how pets in the United States and Canada were affected by chemical contaminants found in recently recalled pet food products. A similar story also appeared in the Washington Post on May 7. Scientists at the lab found that melamine and cyanuric acid can react with one another to form crystals that may impair kidney function. These same crystal-like substances were found in the kidneys and urine of affected animals.

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