Artistic Tree Wrapping at Arboretum

August 23, 2007 - Campus Bulletin

An artist will be wrapping three tree trunks in newspaper at the entrance to Arboretum Road this week as a way of communicating the need to save our trees.

Patricia Stewart is an artist based in England and has done a number of tree wraps in England and France. At the Arboretum, she plans to wrap the tree trunks with old newspapers twisted into coils and tied with wool string.

Stewart said tree wrapping is an artistic way of sending out a message about the importance of protecting trees and recycling.

Prof. Alan Watson, Arboretum director, said the art demonstration will highlight the project currently under way to turn the Arboretum's paved road into a more "green" pedestrian promenade.

Construction is ongoing to remove the paved road at the entrance and replace it with a promenade for pedestrians and cyclists only.

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