Student Campaign Promotes Reusable Mugs on Campus

September 17, 2007 - Campus Bulletin

A student-run poster campaign urging the University community to do away with disposable cups by using reusable mugs on campus is set to launch this week.

Joanne Adair and Tracey Tomlik, both landscape architecture students, are taking a light-hearted approach to their environmental message with posters featuring humorous "conversations" between reusable mugs and disposable cups.

"We didn't want to use guilt as a tactic to promote our campaign," said Tomlik. "Instead we hope to reach a broader audience and bring about change by using humour and positive messages."

By personifying the reusable mugs, Adair said they hope to get people thinking more critically when it comes to using disposables.

"We want people to put their reusable mug on the list of things they check for before leaving their room or office: cellphone, wallet, keys, mug."

With the support of Hospitality Services, the ads will be placed around campus kiosks and food outlets. Along with the poster advertisements, the duo is running a contest to find models for future ads.

"We're thrilled about this campaign," says Sheila Attwell, marketing manager for Hospitality Services. "We've been encouraging customers for many years to reduce paper cup waste by charging them the medium price for a large beverage when they bring their own reusable mug. Bringing your own mug is a pretty easy way to make a difference."

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