Recast of Ballots for Student Senate Elections

March 12, 2008 - Campus Bulletin

Undergraduate students will have to recast their ballots for student Senate elections because of a mistake on the previous ballots.

The ballots for student Senate representatives listed the candidates by college instead of indicating their degree program, as required by Senate rules.

The ballots for the Central Student Association (CSA) elections have not been affected.

The CSA apologizes for the mistake and will reissue revised ballots to all undergraduate students so they can recast their votes for the Senate elections. The results from the previous ballots will be nullified.

Undergraduate student senators are elected from all of the University's colleges and programs with a total of 34 seats.

Voting ends March 14. The CSA is encouraging students to vote for student senators and to cast the existing ballots for the undergraduate seats on Board of Governors, five CSA commissioner positions, the College of Social and Applied Human Sciences at-large seats and the Ontario Agricultural College at-large seats.

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