Library Upgrade Kicks Off Energy Initiative

July 18, 2008 - News Release

The first project launched under the University of Guelph's energy conservation initiative begins next week - an upgrade of the entire library with higher-efficiency lighting.

The improvements will cost $950,000 and involve replacing the library's overhead lighting, the exit signs and the lighting running along the bookshelves with higher-efficiency bulbs and lamps. These upgrades will result in an estimated annual saving of 2,077,000 kilowatt hours.

The University's energy conservation initiative is a student-led program aimed at improving energy efficiency on campus. Undergraduate and graduate students have committed to providing more than $5 million over the next 12 years towards the initiative by contributing roughly $10 a semester.

Faculty, staff and alumni have also committed to the project, giving more than $36,000 to date and making pledges through to 2013 that exceed $1.4 million.

The University will match all of the money raised, earmarking the funds for energy conservation measures, which may range from lighting and heating to water efficiency and retrofitting.

The library was chosen as the first place to upgrade under the new conservation initiative because it consumes a large amount of energy. The building is open late into the evening and must be lit throughout while in operation.

"Physical Resources, the library and students all contributed to the selection of this project and will all benefit from the improved lighting conditions, cost savings and environmental benefits," said Lloyd Cummins, the University's department head for energy and utilities.

In addition, to encourage the U of G community to conserve energy throughout the year, the University's Sustainability Program is relaunching its monthly tips on energy and sustainability in At Guelph.

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