Budget Web Page Developed

December 10, 2008 - Campus Bulletin

A new web page has been created to keep the U of G community up-to-date with respect to budget issues and developments. The page includes a summary of the University's financial challenges, information about the factors that contributed to the situation, and U of G's plans for setting the institution on a course for recovery. There are also links to frequently asked questions, as well as a place for people to submit suggestions for cost savings and revenue generation.

For the next six months, the University will not be hiring for regular full-time or contractual positions. This hiatus will provide time for the University to align its strategies with the fiscal realities.

This only applies to positions associated with the University's MTCU operating budget. Positions associated with ancillary budgets, such as hospitality services and those fully funded by external sources are not affected. In addition, staff positions that were scheduled to be filled in the next six months as part of an approved Voluntary Early Retirement/Resignation plan are not affected.

Hiring for positions that were in the process of being filled will be postponed at this time, except in cases where a firm offer has already been made to a selected candidate.

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