Film Crew Coming on Campus

July 30, 2009 - Campus Bulletin

The University of Guelph will double as a TV movie set during the first two weeks of August. A Toronto-based production company is filming a new vampire-themed series, and many U of G building exteriors and interiors will appear as a fictitious school attended by characters in the series.

The film crew of about 25 people will be on campus Aug. 4 to 18 Mondays to Fridays, along with a cast of about 40 to 60 people, although the cast size will vary from day to day.

Filming is scheduled to take place inside and outside of Johnston Hall, Massey Hall, the University Centre, War Memorial Hall, the Macdonald Institute Building, Macdonald Hall, the Bullring, and the Conservatory Gardens, as well as at the Portico.

University business will continue as usual, although there may be times when hallways, walkways, corridors and stairways are in use by the film crew.

A detailed film shoot schedule is available online.

Trucks and trailers that supply hydro and other essential services to the crew will be parked near buildings where filming is taking place, with locations changing throughout the 10-day shoot. In addition, a “base camp” that will include some tractor-trailers and crew vehicles will be set up in parking lot P19.

The series, called Valemont, is being shot as 38 “webisodes.” It’s about a teenage vampire who goes undercover disguised as a student at Valemont College to uncover the mystery surrounding her brother’s murder at the school.

The production company, Breakthrough Films & Television, is a major producer of popular drama, factual and lifestyle programming, as well as children’s live-action and animated series.

Members of the University community who have questions about the filming on campus can call Kathy Nahwegahbow in Conference Services, Ext. 52353.

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