Staff, Prof Featured in Media

June 03, 2010 - In the News

Suzanne Welstead of U of G's Counselling Services will appear on CP24's Sex Matters show tonight at 10:30 p.m. discussing low sexual desire.

Welstead is a registered marriage and family therapist and has appeared on the live show before to talk about sexual issues and concerns.

Sex Matters is a half-hour program that airs every Thursday and Friday at 10:30 p.m. Hosted by Cynthia Loyst, the show takes a fun and frank look at sex and offers expert advice.

Integrative biology professor Andrew McAdam has also received media attention for a recent study that found squirrels will adopt orphans that are relatives.

McAdam's research was published on,, Discovery News and several other newspapers and online publications across the globe.

The study, conducted in collaboration with researchers from the University of Alberta and McGill University, revealed that squirrels are able to assess which orphans they are related to and will take the babies in if the genetic ties are strong enough to outweigh the costs.

Published recently in Nature Communications, this research finding is significant because although such adoptions are typical among species that live in extended family groups, it’s much less common among asocial animals such as squirrels.

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