Library Launches Art Exhibit, Website to Aid Local Artists

September 03, 2010 - Campus Bulletin

The University of Guelph Library is hosting the ArtsInform Show, an exhibit featuring the work of 14 local artists, to help showcase a new website aimed at connecting artists with local resources for information and inspiration.

The art exhibit is located on the main floor of the McLaughlin Building and will run throughout September. An official opening will be held Sept. 8 from 6 to 8 p.m. and will include a tour of the library art collection as well as a demonstration of library resources available to local artists.

The exhibit is part of the launch of a new web-based artists’ resource called ArtsInform that was developed by U of G associate librarian and artist Pat Eaves-Brown. The website will provide Guelph community artists who aren’t affiliated with the University access to information and inspiration for their work, including the U of G Library.

ArtsInform is the result of a recent survey Eaves-Brown conducted, which looked at how local artists are seeking information. “The survey suggested there is a need for more and better information in the arts community and that many local artists are not taking full advantage of the resources available to them, including those at the University of Guelph Library,” she said.

“ArtsInform attempts to provide a guide to resources and services for local artists.”

The website offers a guide to museums and galleries around the world as well as access to numerous electronic resources, including blogs and image banks containing hundreds of thousands of images.

For more information on ArtsInform is available online.

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