Campus Construction Update

September 03, 2010 - Campus Bulletin

The summer of 2010 at the University of Guelph seemed to follow the themes of digging, building and renovating. With seven major construction projects underway and some minor ones as well, John Vanos, manager of the project management portfolio in Physical Resources, acknowledges that there has been more construction this summer than in most years.

He says the amount of work to be done during any particular summer depends partly on the timing of funding for new construction and partly on the need for upkeep on older buildings and walkways.

“Some projects increased in scope because of what we found once we started,” he explains. “For example, the stairs at War Memorial Hall were in very poor condition, and some walls actually collapsed when we started the work, so it all had to be redone. In the case of Winegard Walk, we originally planned to replace the roof of the utility tunnel, but since we had to remove the pavers to do that, it made sense to replace them.”

Vanos thinks students returning next week will appreciate the improvements. One example: “The big lecture theatres in Axelrod will be quite different ─ they have new seats, new ceilings and new presentation equipment.”

Here’s a review of the major projects and their current status:

Winegard Walk tunnel restoration ─ The service tunnel under the walkway has been waterproofed, the roof has been replaced, and the walkway base and pavers have been replaced along the walkway from College Avenue to just north of the library. The walk should be open for pedestrian use by Sept. 4.

War Memorial Hall stair rehabilitation ─ The front stairway and stone wing walls are being completely rebuilt. The exterior stairs will be usable for emergency purposes only starting Sept. 7 and should be completed by mid-October. New seating in the balcony should also be completed by mid-October.

University Centre entrances rehabilitation ─ Four main ground-floor entrances to the University Centre are being waterproofed, and the concrete in them is being repaired. The entrances will be usable by the first week of September, but the final floor surfaces won't be completed until early October.

Richards/Thornbrough integrated engineering construction ─ Additions are being built and renovations completed to provide space for the mechanical, biomedical and computing engineering programs in the School of Engineering. Construction should be completed by the end of December. Three new classrooms at the south end will be ready for Sept. 7.

Axelrod adaptive re-use ─ All interior spaces are being renovated, including teaching and lecture rooms, and the entire building will be reskinned. Lecture theatres should be complete for Sept. 7, and the rest of the building will be done by the end of March 2011.

Pathobiology and Animal Health Laboratory ─ A new building is being completed to house the Department of Pathobiology and the Animal Health Lab, with space dedicated to teaching, research and animal care. It should be completed by the end of September, with moves into the new facility taking place early in October.

Clinical Skills and Barn 037 ─ The renovations to the barn and barnyard should be completed in September; the new clinical skills building for teaching animal handling should be completed in October.

For those buildings where work is not complete, signs will be installed to indicate alternative routes, fire safety and evacuation plans, and other information.

Vanos adds: “Everyone is pushing hard to get it all done before the students return. We owe a big thank you to all the project managers, construction co-ordinators and contractors for all the work that has been put in since the spring.”

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