Profs Make Headlines

February 21, 2011 - In the News

Prof. Stephen Lewis has captured headlines across the globe with his latest research study investigating the impact of self-injury YouTube videos.

The psychology professor found that this alarming trend of teens posting YouTube videos depicting cutting and other forms of self-injury could be normalizing and even reinforcing the behaviour.

Since the study was released in the journal Pediatrics on Monday, Lewis has been featured in more than 300 news stories in media across the globe, including the New York Times, ABC News, CNN, USA Today, Time, BBC News, CBS News, the Toronto Star, Canada AM, and CBC.

Lewis worked on the study with PhD student Jill St. Denis as well as McGill University professor Nancy Heath and master's student Rick Noble.

Prof. Ralf Gellert was featured in the Calgary Herald Saturday for his role in designing a device aimed at testing the Martian landscape for signs of "habitable" environments.

The latest version of the Alpha Particle X-ray Spectrometer will be mounted on the Mars rover Curiosity as part of NASA's upcoming Mars Science Laboratory mission, scheduled for takeoff on its 55-million-kilometre journey to the red planet as early as Nov. 25. The physics professor's device is one of 10 that will help the rover in its upcoming mission to determine the past and present habitability of a specific area on the red planet.

Also, Prof. Evan Fraser has been in the media spotlight over the last week discussing the impact of drought on the world's food security. The geography professor was featured in Friday's Toronto Star discussing global food supplies and prices. He was also interviewed by CBC Radio last week on the same topic.

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