U of G Students Take 'App' Challenge

March 09, 2011 - Campus Bulletin

Making seven apps in seven days is the challenge that a group of University of Guelph students have set for themselves this week.

Working in a downtown office, "The Guelph Seven" are spending at least 12 hours a day creating simple, useful applications for users to download onto a computer or phone. Today is Day 5.

“Mainly, it’s just to see if we can do it,” said Wyatt Carss, a fourth-year computing and information science (CIS) student. “It’s a neat kind of hack to just sit around and see if we can build stuff for a week.”

Looking for experience rather than money, they plan to offer their apps free.

“It’s the kind of thing we’d be doing for fun in our spare time anyway,” said Quincy Jermyn, another fourth-year CIS student.

They started off with more than 20 ideas and have narrowed them down. Each morning, they brainstorm and decide which app to work on that day.

So far, they’ve created an HTTP messaging app called “Pinchy” allows any two devices to “talk.” A web app called “Break a Bill” makes it easy for people to split transaction costs and emails everyone in the transaction. Using “3picStory,” you can send in a story and have it returned as three pictures to share with others. Today’s project is an app for a smartphone game.

Other U of G students in the project are CIS majors Martin Lindsay, Kiel Monk, Luke Rewega and Chris Statham, and engineering student Paul Vilchez.

The group was recently featured on CTV news. Follow their progress at guelphseven.com or on twitter.com/guelphseven.

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