Students to Spend Five Days Homeless

March 11, 2011 - Campus Bulletin

Without access to shelter, money or showers, five University of Guelph College of Management and Economics (CME) students will spend March 13 to 18 on campus experiencing what it's like to be homeless.

It's all part of "5 Days for the Homeless," an annual Canada-wide initiative that aims to raise money and boost awareness of homelessness. More than 20 universities across the country will be taking part.

The U of G students aim to raise $5,000, which is part of a national goal to raise $200,000. Proceeds from the Guelph campaign will go to Wyndham House, a local organization that provides co-operative housing for youth.

During the five days, the students will sleep outdoors on Branion Plaza, and their only nourishment will come from those who donate meals to them. They must remain on campus the entire week, attend all their classes and maintain employment and extracurricular activities.

"It's important to tackle this initiative because homlessness can affect anyone, and everyone deserves a place to sleep," said Tom Beckett, a first year hotel and food administration student.

Members of the U of G group will be sharing their experiences through a blog. Pledges can be made online at or in person at the students’ home base near the canon.

The Guelph campaign is organized by the CME Students' Association, which represents 2,652 business students at U of G.

In addition to Beckett, this year’s participants are Kara Cabuyao, management economics; Justin Sythes and Samantha Cherry, marketing management; and Andrew Cumpson, hotel and food administration.

More information is available online.

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